Deck Over Trailers:

Designed for the heavy haul construction requirements, our load covering systems typically range in heights from 6ft - 8ft. However, they can be built to the 13'-6" OAL Max height. Available in both the "the LOOK" fully modular frame and panel tarp system or the economical i-Slide3 bent frame system with one piece fully welded tarp for basic load covering requirements. Trailers are set up with exterior pocket and rub rails to accommodate standard winch straps or chain & binder tie downs. Our 6" Track is bolted directly to the rub rail with a convenient flexible 4" rubber seal to cap off road spray from underneath while still allowing loads to be secured.

Full Deck Utilization with Optional Staging Stand

Dome Roof Roll Top Systems

Jason Pruett - Tree Hugger, Minnesota-Spring 2018

Well, I REALLY LIKE THE trailer and the LCS Dome Roof Tarp System!....I'm still only about 2 weeks into using it, but sure has been nice. A rain storm was a brewing up on Friday and I kept thinking how nice it was to know that my equipment would not get all wet and road crap over it as we took off from our last work site in a thunderstorm...YEA!!! Also, used the trailer for tree planting one day....had 7 trees in there and didn't have to mess with putting a tarp on each individual tree to reduce wind burn on leaves...boy that was SO NICE!!!

LCT has developed an unique feature enhancement that allows full utilization of the trailer deck without having to remove the system. Swing out axillary tracks are now available if the top 6' of the rear trailer sill is set up to accommodate. Simply swing out the tracks, drop the adjustable leg supports, pull out the main track stoppers and roll your LCT cover off the deck to the rear. Call for Details!