Fender Trailers:

Designed for a variety of fender style trailers our load covering systems can be customized to sit directly on the floor interior of the fenders or more commonly can sit above the fenders by attaching to a trailer fabricated side wall frame. Designed more for medium and heavy haul equipment requirements our systems are available in both the "the LOOK" fully modular frame and panel tarp system or the economical i-Slide3 bent frame system with one piece fully welded tarp providing a cost effective solution for basic load covering requirements. In addition, a further cost saving can be realized for those Fender trailers under 20ft in length. They have the option to secure the tarp directly to the front Bulkhead and only roll from the rear to the front. If this is of interest you can request a fabric front on systems 6ft or lower.

"LCT will design any style of system to accommodate the largest of all Fender Trailers!"

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Read the HPC Fire Newsletter to find out more details on the Fender Trailer Rolling Tarp Solution above.

If your interior cargo allows for the LCT tracks to be mounted interior of the fender wells and to the floor, this is the simplest method of Installing a rolling tarp system to this style f trailer. Allow 8" of reduced trailer interior width.

For Unique Trailer Designs like this one with a Command Center up front, contact LCT Dealer;
Lee Cobb, VP & Director of Operations, BT Transporters,
1 High Tech Ave.,Painesville, OH 44077
P: (440) 210-5130 // F: (440) 754-8726

Customized Track Location allowed this system to be mounted inboard of the trailer fenders to the trailer floor.

Flex Top Trailers is a custom car hauler trailer Mfg & LCT dealer in Texas

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