Flat Roof Gooseneck Trailers:

Equip your Heavy Duty Goose Neck Trailers with two (2) possibile Load Covering Models to choose from. Both are designed to accommodate a variety of loads. Now available in "the LOOK" premium fully modular frame and panel tarp design for easy assembly and quick replacement of all components, or the economical i-Slide3 bent solid-frame system with one piece fully welded tarp for the more basic load covering requirements. Both systems are fully retractable so you can roll in either direction for ease of access. When you require the full open deck for specialized requirements, remove the system completely from the trailer.

"Thanks to the Fiber Care Baths Inc - CA" for their trust in LCT for finding a new protective safe ground level operating load covering solution for their maximum product loads.

Tilt Decks are NO ISSUE for a Load Covering Trailer

To all GN Haulers, this PA company equipped 30 trailers over 3 years to provide their drivers with safe, quick & easy tarping, faster load return arounds and more personal time for their drivers. If it takes a minimum of 1 hour to tarp and 1 hr to untarp vs a max of 5 mins to open up your trailer and cover your load you do the math. The extra free weeks of personal time is irreplaceable. Contact the Experts at LCT. Click contact us!

Attention Hot Shot Truckers

1. Gain Access to Tarp System Interior.
2. Unlock Tarp System.
3. Slide System to Front
4. Unlock Front Lock
5. Slide System to the Rear
6. Slide System to the Front

40ft Long x 126"HT (above Deck) x 108" wide

44ft Goose Neck Trailer

LCT Provided Customer with a customer HD 44ft GN trailer with Rolling Tarp System. Installed at LCT Dealer - Penner Trailer Sales in Winchester TN.

"New" Swing Out Tracks:

LCT has developed an unique feature enhancement that allows full utilization of the trailer deck without having to remove the system. Swing out axillary tracks are now available if the top 6" of the rear trailer sill is set up to accommodate. Simply swing out the tracks, drop the adjustable leg supports, pull out the main track stoppers and roll your LCT cover off the deck to the rear. Call for Details!

Gooseneck Trailers: Hi Tide Mfg in Kissimmee FL. turned to the experts at LCT to
supply the complete Trailer w/ Load Covering Solution.

Gooseneck Trailers: Hi Tide Mfg. Fl. makes a repeat purchase with LCS/ LCT for a longer 44ft Gooseneck Trailer to be outfitted with a retractable Load Covering System. Hi Tide hauls Specialized Marine Towers and needed to get their product which is equipped with expensive powdercoating & electronics to their customers in the southeast USA dry, and free from road contaminants such as bugs. Previously Hi Tide delivered in open deck trailers and the savings in cost of protective packaging has allowed for them to recoup their cost in New equipment purchase in less then One Year!.....Thank You " Hi Tide Mfg"

When Diamond Doors decided to weather protect the delivery of their Bi- Fold Airplane Hanger Doors to their customers, they called the load covering experts.

With a specially designed trailer 60ft long that allows for 12ft interior loading abilities Diamond Doors successfully covered their loads while advertising their business over the road.

Digitally print 4 color billboard advertising is now the most powerful way to get noticed in business.

At Load Covering we make it our business to cover yours. We ensure our Engineering teams are at their best to deliver the most diversified designs to meet the transportations specialized requirements.

Call the Experts!

When the Owners & Promoters of "White Cloud", a Jet Show Truck approached LCT 8 months ago to enclose a special transporting trailer they were building, we jumped at the opportunity. As a tilt trailer we are always asked the question, can a rolling tarp system be adapted to a tilt'n- load deck? LCT's talented engineering team never gave tilt trailers a second thought regardless that all makes and models have their own unique hinge set up. If you are in the market for a tilt'n- load alike trailer call Load Covering Trailers and let our experts design the system that suits your needs. And if you would like LCT to provide the trailer we will sell to you the combined set up customized to your specific liking.