Side Kit Trailers:

If economical convertible load covers is what you're looking for then our aluminum extruded post, panel, bow and tarp covered wagon is what you are needing. Designed long before Roll Top Systems these convert in minutes from a flat open deck to a covered trailer for your most basic but versatile cargo needs. Available in heights ranging from 2ft -8ft on the sides and arched bows of 10"-18"-24"- 30" in the center, these load covering kits can fit any trailer set up with exterior pockets. Typically, our more popular kits measure 4ft high with a 24" rise cross bow. Removable side panels in light weight composite to HD½" plywood with exterior fiberglass can be easily stored at the front of trailer when not in use. Load Covering Solutions can supply aluminum bulkheads or post and panel like the sides for the front and easy access panel & post for the rear.