Dome Roof Gooseneck Trailers:

When your loads vary in size from 5-1/2ft on the sides to 7ft in the center while still desiring fuel efficiency, cargo protection, and aero-dynamics, there are two (2) Models of load covering systems to choose from. The Slide Kit is a fully modular frame and panel tarp system standing 66" high at the sides and 90" arched to the center. It comes standard with our CFD tested Windmaster Bullet Nose Fairing reducing wind drag and providing fuel economy. For Hot Shot load requirements, the 1-Shot full frame with one piece welded tarp provides all the basic load covering flexibility you require as an economical solution that meets the same requirements for aero-dynamics and cargo protection. These systems are highly recommended for heavy snow load and rain regions reducing snow, ice and water accumulation by 90% due to the domed roof.

Introducing the 1st Ever Round Top Sliding Tarp System specific to HOT SHOT Drivers with Goose Neck Trailers.

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September 2020: LCT thanks Russell Howerton of MO; an Ex-Veteran now running Hot Shot Loads. He just loves how easy it is tarping his new PJ Gooseneck Trailer vs previous manual tarping.

· Comes Standard at 66" Side Height, with 24" Arch Dome Roof allowing 90" center height.
· Rugged aluminum extruded frame construction.
· One Pcs Constructed 20oz HD Vinyl Coated Polyester Tension Fabric.
· Patented Roll up crank rear flap allowing the operator to gain full access to the top of arch roof.
· Optional "Windmaster Bullet" front nose fairing, CFD tested to reduce wind drag, promoting driver safety over the road while increasing fuel economy. (System comes standard with a straight flat front aluminum Bulkhead arched to match system.)

Rolling Tarp Systems are not recommended to be accordion and strapped down when over size loads are required due to damage that could result to the tarp. HOWEVER, LCS has always stated to our customers, if our rolling tarp system provides ease of tarping and your trailer can be totally versatile to your operation, then you as the owner make the call. Never turn down that MILLION DOLLAR load if it comes around, just be aware LCS & LCT don't promote this on a regular basis and we simply can't warranty the components if damaged. This customer absolutely loves his LCS cover and everything as stated that it has provided to him.

40ft GN with Slide Kit Round Top Delivered in Winchester, TN May 21st, 2019. MTI - Atlanta Ga.

LCT supplied this Beautiful Texas built LAMAR HD GN trailer to the customer's specifications and equipped it with a Round ROLL TOP System with Over the Road Digital Print Advertising.

LCT thanks Summit Steel Inc, PA who made their investment in a Patriotic 1-Shot Round Roof ROLL TOP system to equip their Goose Neck trailer while providing weather protection for their products.